Are you Driving the Business Results You Want from Your Social Media Efforts?

DMC's social media audit works to provide answers to those questions and deliver a clear & impactful plan for your brand to get the most out of Social Media Marketing. In order for your business to be successful on Social Media, it is vital to have a clear, custom Social Media strategy that is built around the goals your business wants to achieve. Social Media has the potential to be one of the strongest tools in your marketing plan – but only if you approach it correctly.


Help Take You to Next Level

We can do a quick or comprehensive assessment to help you understand where you have opportunities for improvement, and how you stack up to your competitors and other leaders in your niche and related industries. Based on this we propose strategy to take it to the next level and how to measure better results.

Systematic Approach

We perform a systematic examination of social data to help marketers discover, categorize, and evaluate all the social talk about a brand. This approach captures what consumers are saying about a brand, what competitors are doing on social media, and what the brand itself is doing. Our social media audit is based from the principle of the Five Ws that is taught to journalists: who, where, what, when, and why.


The first step is to list and measure all the possible KPI's that are relevant for your business. Some of the metrics include followers, likes, shares, comments, etc. that help define the popularity and engagement rate. We help understand questions like Do you get more engagement from Facebook when you tag influencers than when you share blog posts? Do your video views get more engagement on Instagram or Twitter? Are they steadily increasing over time?  This step in audit determines what types of posts work best on each platform, which platforms are most valuable to you, and how your audience is engaging with you on each platform.

Social media followings are different for each platform. It is important to compare your social media audiences, looking at factors like demographics and interests. If you’re not reaching a key demographic on one platform and you know that demographic is on the platform, we help figure out why.

Now that we have evaluated target audience and understood how people are engaging with your brand on social media, we audit quality and consistency of content on your social media platforms.

Many times discrepancies are there on various channels but they can go unnoticed. For e.g. you maybe very active on Facebook and respond quickly but might not listen actively on your Twitter channels. Even branding can be different on different channels such as bio, profile pic, etc. which we help uncover and fix.

Reviewing the social media budget and calculating your ROI are important aspects of any social media audit but are often overlooked. While many businesses and marketers have a firm grasp of money, calculating total ROI from social media is more difficult, especially when you’re looking at purely social ROI instead of financial ROI. We pull up all the key metrics and revenue from channels and compare it with the ad spend across all the channels.

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