Building E-Commerce SEO Solutions that Help Attract Genuine Traffic and Increased Organic Sales

The success of your e-commerce site is dependent upon potential customers finding the products that you offer in an online search. While it's important to retain your existing customers, it is very important in today's competitive age to attract new customers via digital channels. DMC offers e-commerce SEO services to e-commerce businesses of all sizes and across all industries and can help you achieve more website traffic, conversions and improve your brand visibility across the web.


Doubling Your Sales

We at DMC believe that it is better to double sales by doubling performance rather than doubling traffic of your eCommerce website. DMC has self-curated an e-Commerce SEO solution that helps improve organic rankings and subsequently generate organic sales. Our work just doesn't stop with getting ranks for you, we also works towards reducing shopping cart abandonment thereby maximizing sales and ROI.

Boosting Your ROI

Success of any digital campaign is measured in terms of ROI. DMC team is well equipped with skills to track the performance into quantifiable results. Our client's boosted online sales is our real rewards.
We understand what your target audience is looking for when they visit your website, what content will increase the engagement rate and drive conversions. Thus, we deeply analyze your business requirements and focus on your buyer's journey to understand the path that leads to purchase. Based on our findings, we define a tailored e-commerce SEO solution that maximizes your ROI.

Enhancing User Experience

Usability is very critical when it comes to SEO as a poorly usable website can drive away potential customers even if your products are at par. DMC team understands your target demographics and creates a e-commerce usability strategy to provide a real-store like experience to your users so that they can quickly make purchase decisions.

Optimizing Complexity

DMC works to enhance the placement of your website in relevant web search results, bridging the gap between your website and potential customers. E-Commerce business online is not just a website but reputation of a brand and thus, we optimize elements like product detailing, managing inventory, reviews, multi-currency, multi-lingual content and lots more. Our result is a holistic e-Commerce SEO strategy that generates results.


With any type of marketing campaign it is important that it is structured and directed at the correct audience. Your target audience within an E Commerce SEO campaign will need to be considered within keyword research, content creation, and social promotion and back linking.

If you are considering a brand new E Commerce build, at DMC we work with a number of open source platforms as well as building a custom platform that meets your requirements. Each platform we operate in offer specific benefits depending on the short and long time requirements of you E Commerce store. We have worked with all major platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento to name a few and are well-versed with SEO implementation on all of them.

Keyword research is the core of any SEO campaign and becomes even more critical in case of e-commerce sites. Due to the sheer size and volume of products, it is key to ensure that you do not only have clear target keywords, but you also have a clear strategy of how these will be implemented. To ensure the campaign is as efficient as possible, it is essential that during the planning stage it is established what is the best type of search to target, based on search volumes and competition levels. We believe in getting the targeting right from the start to deliver right results.

E-Commerce sites are highly dynamic in nature as products keep getting added and deleted on the fly. There is just not enough time to optimize each and every page manually. Such dynamic sites require highly specialized search engine marketing strategies that differ from those used for static sites. It's hard to get your e-commerce site indexed properly unless it's properly optimized. DMC is one of the pioneer's of dynamic SEO and has been working on this since 2000, so you can be assured of right results.

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