Indepth Map-Gap Analysis of your Industry, Market, On Page and Off Page SEO Factors

We deliver new age edge SEO audit services using our proven custom SEO Audit methodology. We do not dump bulky reports on our customers; we also hate those cookie cutter audit reports generated by free SEO tools with no interpretations.  Our SEO audit analysis contains challenges, opportunities, solutions and SEO action plan prioritizing those 20% of the critical issues which can improve 80% of SEO performance.


360 SEO Audit

Our 360 SEO audit framework help us to audit and access your current state of SEO from various dimensions such as Industry,  Market, Competition, Keywords, Visibility, On page, Off page, On site, Off site, Domain authority and link reputation. Our experts try to identify and prioritize most critical factors following 80/20 rule. 80% of your SEO issues are caused by 20% of bugs.

Human Factor Evaluation (UX)

Today search engines are smart enough to rank websites that offers best user experience.  Our 360 SEO audit experience, capabilities, framework and tools  are aimed to identify optimization opportunities and improved user experience, engagement and conversion of your website and mobile site.

Data Driven

Every step of our audit is based on data driven methodology. May it be analyzing site architecture, mobile friendliness, load time, security, redirects, duplicates or meta tags - driven by data. That's DMC.

Outcome Oriented

Our experts begin with clear end goal in our mind. We always keep business outcomes and ROI focus at the top.


  • Load time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Webmaster compliance (Robots, sitemap, canonicalization etc.)
  • Domain health
  • CMS Friendliness
  • SEO freindly hosting
  • SEO friendly design & code
  • On page SEO elements
  • Other technical factors

Authority is a set of very important off page or external signals which signifies subject matter specialization or popularity of a domain or a page over WWW. Our Search analysts use a set of manual and automated tools to identify your current authority, missed opportunities, and future improvements.

  • Domain & page authority
  • Citations & positive reviews
  • Quality external links
  • Bad links / Historic poison links
  • More..

Its about auditing your website content page by page, topic by topic and identifying possibilities of content re-organization, addition, deletion, modifications and other improvements.

Our experts aim to map each step of your user's journey with relevant popular keywords on relevant pages (content) and enhance their prominence and discoverablity  by using SEO friendly URL structure, navigation markups, headings, schema, meta tags, anchor texts, and other new age techniques.

By content here we mean text, images, videos, pdf's and many other indexable formats. Thats DMC!

  • Content and topical relevancy
  • Content format diversity
  • Industry relevant signals
  • Market and localization relevant signals (Schema)
  • Social SEO topical Signals
  • Stale / Old / Junk / Duplicate content (dissolving relevancy)
  • Images and video optimization opportunities

To us measure of content relevancy is positive engagement or action such as likes, shares, attributions, ratings, downloads, time on site, or a measurable conversion.

Search engines have acquired lot of learning from past and are adopting humanrithms (user based algorithms). Their job is to present results from most relevant, fresh, trusted and authority websites.

The trust audit includes assessment of factors and signals such as

  1. Links from trusted websites or social posts
  2. Verified author profiles / Authorship tags
  3. Search engine webmaster verification
  4. Domain security and privacy control
  5. Google knowledge graph history
  6. Content freshness
  7. Accreditation, awards, certifications  (trust badges)

Its not a factor but competitive SEO Matrics which tells us about AS-IS situation of yours website interns of

  1. Indexing health & Issues
  2. Vertical search Indexing reach (local search, image search, video search, and other search verticals)
  3. Ranking (SERP) performance against competitors
    • Number of keywords
    • Number of pages
    • Richness & knowledge graph results
    • Local listings
    • Freshness
    • More

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